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Get a free VPS from Vultr

Vultr is a worldwide hosting provider that can host for example your VPS for a really cheap price. With Vultr you can

“Easily Deploy Cloud Servers, Bare Metal, and Storage worldwide!”

When you deploy your service you can choose between 16 different locations around the world.

When it comes to hosting a VPS at Vultr they really showing how great they are. They have a lot of different price plans you can choose from. From cheapest as low as \$2.50/month to highest price at \$640.0/month. It is really simple, you get what you pay for. Also Vultr charge you by the hour so if you just need to deploy a test server for a couple of hours and then shut it down you don’t have to pay for a whole month, that’s what I call GREAT!



And as all great powers of Vultr isn’t enough, right now they have a great offer where you as a new user gets \$50 creditsfor free and can spend it on Vultr’s services. So actually you can get your own VPS for free.

Also, Vultr has a referral service so for every new user that buys a service through your referral link you will get up to $25 credits, which means that you could keep running you services for free along time! And of course the new user will get $50 credits for free!

So do you want your own VPS or maybe a cloud storage for you files ? Get started by clicking on the image below and you will be up and running within minutes.